• Colposuspension is the ideal operation for urinary stress   incontinence, which is caused by a weakness in the
  bladder neck and pelvic floor, usually as a result of   pregnancy. Stitches are placed around the bladder
  neck in order to raise the bladder and urethra.

• The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic
  and takes 1-2 hours.

• During the operation, a catheter is inserted into the
  bladder to drain off the urine. This is usually brought out   through the abdomen rather than the urethra.

• The catheter is 'clamped off' daily to allow the bladder to fill   so that the patient can attempt to pass urine normally. If this   is not possible, the clamp is released to drain the urine and   the process repeated the following day. Once urine is being   passed normally, the catheter is removed.

• There will be some discomfort following surgery which will   be controlled with pain killers.

• The average hospital stay is 7-10 days and normal
  activities can usually be resumed within 6-8 weeks.