Hormone replacement therapy - implants

• Implants may be used to provide hormone replacement   therapy (HRT). Implants have the advantages that they give
  a more constant dose of hormone and need to be replaced   only once every 6 months.

• Implants may contain oestrogen alone or a combination of   oestrogen and testosterone. Testosterone is given if the   woman is suffering loss of libido. Progesterone cannot be   given as an implant and, if it is needed, must be given as   tablets.

• Insertion of the implant is carried out under a local   anaesthetic and takes about 5 minutes. The implant is   inserted through a small incision about 1 centimetre long.
  The incision is then sometimes stitched at the end.

• Once in place, the implant cannot be removed, but will
  need to be replaced every 6 months.

• Usually, implants do not cause any problems and cannot
  be felt under the skin. Occasionally, however, an implant
  may be rejected and need to be reinserted.