Marsupialization of a Bartholin's cyst or abscess

• The Bartholin's glands lie at the entrance to the vagina and
   secrete mucus. The duct to a gland can become blocked
   causing a small swelling called a cyst. If this cyst becomes
   infected, an abscess containing pus forms.

• A 'marsupialization', which simply means to form a pouch,
   is performed to allow the mucus secreted by the gland to
   drain away.

• The operation is performed under a general
   anaesthetic, sometimes as an emergency procedure,
   and takes 10-15 minutes.

• During surgery a small 'wick' of cotton gauze will usually
   be inserted into the cyst cavity to help the gland drain and
   prevent the cavity from healing over. This 'wick' will be
   removed the following day.

• There will be some discomfort following surgery which will
   be controlled with pain killers.

• The average hospital stay is 24-48 hours and normal
   activities can usually be resumed within 2-3 days.