Ovarian cystectomy

• Ovarian cystectomy is performed to remove
   non-cancerous cysts.

• The operation is carried out under a general anaesthetic
   and takes about 40-60 minutes.

• The procedure is commonly performed laparoscopically,
   using a small, fibre-optic 'telescope' which is inserted into
   the abdomen through a small incision. Occasionally a
   conventional operation (laparotomy) is used.

• The cyst is carefully cut away from the ovary and sent for
   laboratory testing. The ovary is then stitched and returned
   to its normal size and shape. The Fallopian tubes are

• There will be some discomfort following surgery which will
   be controlled with pain killers.

• The ovarian hormone levels are unchanged and fertility
   should be unaffected.

• The average hospital stay is 5-7 days and complete
   recovery usually occurs within 6 weeks. If the operation
   has been performed using 'key-hole' surgery
   (laparoscopy), the recovery time will be shorter.