Prolapse repair (Manchester)

• The Manchester method of prolapse repair is performed
  to correct a prolapsed or 'dropped' uterus, caused by
  weakness in the muscles of the pelvic floor. Prolapse   causes the uterus, bladder and sometimes the rectum (or   back passage) to 'drop' through the vagina. This operation
  is performed only when the patient does not wish, or is not   sufficiently fit, to have a vaginal hysterectomy.

• The operation is performed through the vagina. Only the cervix   is removed. The uterus, bladder and rectum are stitched back   into their normal positions.

• The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic
  and takes about 1 hour.

• During the operation, a catheter may be passed up the   urethra into the bladder to drain off the urine. A vaginal
  pack made of gauze may also be inserted to prevent   postoperative bleeding.

• There will be some discomfort following surgery which
  will be controlled with pain killers.

• The average hospital stay is 5-6 days and normal activities   can usually be resumed within 6 weeks.

• Any subsequent pregnancy will have to be delivered by   caesarean section to avoid stretching the previous repair.