• Salpingostomy A salpingostomy is used to treat infertility   caused by blockage of the Fallopian tube. This blockage
  is usually a result of a previous infection.

• The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic   and takes about 1 hour.

• The procedure is commonly performed laparoscopically,   using a small, fibre-optic 'telescope' which is inserted into   the abdomen through a small incision. Occasionally a   conventional operation (laparotomy) is used.

• Incisions are made in the end of the tube to release any   scar tissue and open the blocked tube. The ovary is not   affected.

• There will be some discomfort following surgery which will   be controlled with pain killers.

• The average hospital stay is 5-7 days and complete recovery   should occur within 6 weeks.

• Generally, the tubes can be opened successfully in 90% of   women, and 60-80% will subsequently become pregnant.